The Future of News


What is the future of news?

This is the question The Future Laboratory set out to answer with News 3.0. For this unique event, News UK’s head quarters transformed into multi-sensorial setting. Each room was design to evoke emotions from anxiety to serenity. The 100 guests were welcomed by researchers in white lab coats as they prepared to enter the trends.

An original soundscape set the atmosphere for each trend. In Experimental News, the room filled with the sound of people talking over each other. Neon lights and chairs scatted in different directions, making guests feel uneasy. The power of many voices was represented by guests reading headlines aloud. The performance brought to life the effect of social media on news.

As guests stepped into Convivial News the smell of fresh hay transported them to the country. Taking a seat on a bail around a campfire the trend briefing took the form of a story. Hushed tones talked about community and peoples' desire to contribute.

A stark white room with placards represented Authoritative News. It emphasised need for media to have a strong point of view in times of uncertainty. In the final space guests found nothing but foam cubes and headphones. An inner voice spoke to everyone in isolation through silent disco headphones.

Experimental, convivial, authoritative or convivial, these trends capture the changing media landscape. As the news industry prepares for the future, it's clear that it is people that will shape the future of news.