Sharmadean Reid launches a new networking beauty platform

The WAH Nails founder is about to change how you book beauty treatments forever.

By Janice Stainton

Sharmadean Reid, founder of WAH Nails is soon to be launching a new blogging platform for beauty pros. Beautystack is a new way to book beauty, where you’ll go from inspiration to appointment in just a few taps.



You’ll be able to scroll through images of one-of-a-kind looks, hover over an image to discover the beauty pro and book straight away. Enabling access to an insider network of personal recommendations and industry contacts. So, when you see someone with the perfect brows, you can check out their profile to see where and exactly who did them.

Many of us arrive at a salon armed with Instagram screenshots and Pinterest boards of our favourite looks to show the beauty pros exactly what we want. So why shouldn’t you be able to book direct?

Launching early 2018, the focus will be on niche beauty treatments. Nail art, microblading and lash extensions are just some of the services that require real experts. For the next generation of beauty professionals this invitation-only platform is set to be a game changer.

It will be the first platform to connect a likeminded community to handpicked beauty specialists. By pushing the salon experience through technology Reid has learned how powerful beauty services are: “People need human touch, experiences and a personal connection. Treatments give you that. A lipstick doesn’t.”

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Janice Stainton